Wednesday, 6 August 2014

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In the Heart of the City

It definitely feels like a sunday today. How does one day feel like another though? I wish it was sunday as i'd be travelling to go on holiday. 4 days to go. Todays post I wanted to talk about something I really love, something that one day I hope to be knee deep in and this is the city. I absolutely love being enveloped in the city lifestyle. It's a very much get up and go attitude. There's a different atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else. I love it. It excites me every single time I'm in any city. It inspires, drives and motivates me to do more. My favourite 2 cities are maybe the obvious ones, London and NYC, but these are the two that I remember exactly how I feel when I went and leave me wanting more.  Here are a few snaps I took whilst I was in both of these places.

I love the lights so much. I think they're beautiful.

So many buildings.

I took these on my trip to NYC in 2012. It's such a long time ago now and so much has changed but that's another story. I just think that behind every single one of those windows are completely different stories that could intertwine in some way. There's so many people in cities and I think people are interesting. I love people watching and I get a whole lot done in the city. Anyone else love doing that as well?

The architecture is gorgeous and to think that someone created these beautiful buildings just completely blows my mind. I know that cities are not everyones cup of tea. My dad for example does not like London all that much. I think for some, the busy atmosphere is just too much for them. And sometimes, yea it is. Don't get me wrong it's great to get out of the city to a more peaceful place every once and while. I love the beach as well and it's always exciting to go there too but in a much different way to going to the city.

This was my day trip to Morcombe beach last year, which explains why my hair is so long. How I miss the long hair haha. 
This too, was a beautiful and great break from the city but as the title of this post days, I will remain, 'In the Heart of the City'. Or as Jay-Z said haha. But yea, quite a long post but a delve into something I truly love. Have we got any other city lovers up in here? Comment and let me know.

(All photos are my own)

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