Sunday, 3 August 2014

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Alright Lippy....?

I attempted this post once before a while ago and failed somehow. I don't even know how that occurred but here I am with the second attempt and success. I don't think i've done a beauty post in a while. I definitely can't remember my last one, so this sunday I bring you beauty in the form of lipstick. My 5 favourite lipsticks to be precise. I don't have a mass of lipsticks. Probably about 10 or so but these 5 are my trusty, always do the job, always look good lipsticks.

We'll go from lightest to darkest shade wise shall we.

First up we have Topshops Saint. I love this one. The pinky nude shade really brightens my whole face up adding that extra lift to my everyday make up. The only trouble is that it doesn't last very long on the lips. I have yet to find a solution to making any of my lipsticks stay put for longer so if you have any tips then feel free to comment.

Macs Pure Zen. Very similar shade to the Topshop one but slightly more pink undertones. Bit more pricey however, so I guess they could be dupes for each other. I love the finish on this. It's much creamier than the Topshop one but again I need advice on the staying power. And much like Saint, this brightens up my whole face.

Kate Moss Rimmel in shade 19. I haven't actually worn this one for a while as it's definitely more of an autumn/ winter colour. I think it's a more sophisticated colour as well, almost has a Kylie Jenner feel to it. You know where i'm coming from? This one actually does last quite a while on me as it's a bit thicker and darker colours always stay put more on my lips. So I do recommend this for the autumn months.

The packaging is slightly different for this one now as I did get it quite a while ago. It was actually a free gift in a goody bag when I went to the Clothes Show Live once. But it is Rimmels Sugar Plum 086. This manages to make my teeth look whiter which is always a bonus. Maybe more of a christmassy kind of shade but we don't play by the rules here so I may take on holiday with me. Has a slight sheen to it but nothing too extensive. Nice and subtle. All in all a great shade to have especially with the hint on plum undertones as well. Love it.

And finally a classic. Macs Russian Red. Mac actually do this shade in a Tinted Lipglass as well. This is a fairly new purchase for me. My first ever Mac lipstick so a treasured one. This makes any outfit look badass. I recently wore it one of my videos here, with an all black outfit and I think it looked so rock and roll. It's such a statement and stays on forever. I think any girl into make up needs a classic red lip and this is exactly that. I'd say it's worth the money but i'm sure there's similar drug store ones out there.

Here are swatches of them all to give you a bit of a better idea of colour. I think my top 2 are the Mac ones. Can't go wrong with them.
So there you have it, my top 5 favourite lippy's. Do you have any of the same ones? Or have you got any tips for making my lighter shade stay put for longer?
As per links are all in red.

(Side note - new video will be on my youtube channel on Tuesday so look out for that)

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