Saturday, 2 August 2014

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The Woes of Packing

The summer holidays are very much in flow and it just so happens i'm going off on my jolly holiday a week tomorrow. Such excite. However, the ever anticipated task of packing still awaits me. And I am terrible at it. My mind goes a blur and I lose all will to carry on. I need help you guys. I need help.

Stress mode is on. For some reason my thoughts initially go to towels when I have to pack. Every single time. 

Do I actually need to take my own or will the hotel provide them? And how many do I need? So many questions, so few answers.

Do I bring all make up because there might be that one day when I feel like wearing that? Or do I only bring the essentials only to find i've forgotten something crucial? 

I think toiletries are probably the only safe option for me to be absolutely sure about. It's pretty straight forward there. Oh, but what's next, clothes....

How do I possibly figure out what to wear for a whole week, day and night? I struggle to figure out what underwear to put on each day let alone this tidal wave of pre planning. Such hard ships. 
So basically I'm thinking i'll hire someone to do it haha. Takes the stress off of me for a little while. I need a game plan so I guess this week I could plan one outfit a day for the next 5 days. It's still daunting. Okay yea, definitely need help. Any offers guys....?

G x


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