Thursday, 31 July 2014


Chit Chat | 5

The end is nigh! Well, the end of the month at least. Where did that go. Cruel world. Whhhhyy haha. So I think I did rather well with my blogging everyday in July malarky. You agree? Cheers guys. If i'm honest I'm kind of glad July is nearly over. I've got my holiday in august, couple of London trips, birthdays and uni prep. Busy busy. On the plus though I've filmed another 2 videos in the past couple of days for my youtube channel and will be filming more on saturday. How do we feel about my first ever vlogs whilst i'm on holiday. I'll have free wifi in my hotel, hoorah, so could possibly have a new one each day. Exciting.
Okay, some strange child has just come up my driveway and then left. Whhhhyy! haha. 
I'm in the midst of writing a list for packing for my holiday and it is so difficult to plan a weeks worth of outfits for night and day. I struggled with 4 days in London let alone a week. Someone help me please. Oh and I managed to ruin my beauty blender by cleaning it a bit too aggressively this morning. I now have about two thirds of it left. Great end to the month haha. But yes, tomorrow is another month, another new start, another exciting 31 days. Had to check on my calendar how many days are in august for that.
Anyways, I hope you've had fun here on my blog this month, theres much more to come in august so feel free to stick around. 
Thanks for reading.
G x


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