Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dog Walking

I went for a mini trek in the greenery with my dog today. Anywhere outside and she's pretty satisfied. I wish I could be as happy as a dog all the time. Rosie is always so lively, might have to take a tip or two from her. I kind of just drove and see where I ended up. There was quite a few steps, a lot of trees and one very happy dog.

Selfie to get the ball rolling obviously.

The day started with blue sky. I loved all the bunting in the town I passed through. My favourite colour combo., red, white and blue. 

Come back Rosie! (She did)

Too many things to sniff and only one little nose.

The tower in the distance was too far to go. Hands down unfittest human being around.

Red is definitely Rosie's colour. After our walk I grabbed a little bite to eat. I had some soup which I haven't had in quite some time. Another reason I'm excited for winter, soup all the time! I swear it's impossible to get Rosie to look at the camera.

Dirty Docs. I don't think pair is ever clean. Gives them a bit of character I think. Hashtag, my excuse not to clean them.
But yes, this is my day so far. Currently sitting in my room thinking about the prospect of taking a nap, but then again possibly continue binge watching New Girl. Maybe the latter. Do any of you guys have any pets? Or are totally into New Girl? Let me know.
Thanks for reading. 
G x


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