Monday, 28 July 2014

Physical, or Online....?

Have I got you intrigued by that title? What could it entail? Well, no it’s not that, not what you’re thinking. You guys are filthy. I’m shocked. No, it actually revolves around the art of online shopping versus the physical shopping experience. I’ve had my fair share of both of the said methods, and they come with their ups and downs. Let us delve into this pool of pros and cons.
Onto the online world, the abyss, the unknown, or as I like to call it, Google. I have to say this is probably my preferred choice at current, but that’s likely to change. I can’t get stuck in a rut. For me, when I get a parcel in the post that I know is clothing, shoes, accessories or something, doesn’t it almost feel like some little darling out there has sent a present for you open up with baited, excited breath? Well for me it does, I do love getting some post. So you’ve opened this parcel, you got all new things, (yay!) and then you see that piece of paper, that will most likely bring down your high a good few notches. The receipt. Yep, it’s got all of those prices on, all the additions, all the VAT rubbish. High, officially killed.
Lets take it back a few steps though onto the actual purchasing of the items. Once you’ve locked down and memorized those 16 digits on the front of your debit card, which I unfortunately have, you’re pretty much ruined from then on out. You no longer need to route through your bag to find your card to check up on that number. You know what they say in drama, don’t learn the words, let the words learn you and that number certainly has learnt the hell out of me.
The physical word of shopping. Just a tad more laborious. A few more hills to trek up, ignorant people to swerve round and queue’s to try and fight your way into. But, on the flip side you have your purchases right there in the heat of the moment (oh the sexual tension). It’s in your hand the moment you’ve tapped in your pin number or handed that bit of cash over. It’s mine, all mine. 
You had a cheeky Nandos for your lunch? No worries because with physical shopping you can just work it off by trekking up those hills, swerving round those people and fighting to get into that queue. As a reward, have that fancy new dress you just bought.
At the end of the day though, shopping just might fill a tiny little void in our hearts that makes us incredibly excited (sometimes more so than necessary) and when that feelings dissolved into the air, you can go right ahead and do it all over again next week.

A never ending love affair.
Thanks for reading
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