Sunday, 27 July 2014


Day Trip to Manchester

Yesterday, if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I went to Manchester for the day to do a little old exploring in this new city. Man alive it was hot though, like I'm going to pass out in a minute, let me take a cold shower hot. Never the less, it was till a good day cos I love going to new places. It wasn't as big of a city as I expected though. Not as many tall building with huge glass fronts. But still a great selection of shops to chose from. In the heat though I wasn't in the mood to be trying on clothes. My brother and I managed to get a good selection of photos between us so credit goes to him for most of these I'm going to show you. Here's his tumblr if you're interested. 

Two different trains to catch to get there.

Arriving in Mancs. and walking down to the main shopping area. 

We headed to Revolution for our lunch. I absolutely love the interior of these restaurants. My brother and I had a cheeky midday cocktail. Should have got photos of them for you but I guess an excuse to go again has now arisen. I had a Blackened Chicken Burger with coleslaw and chips. Delicious.

We headed out of Revs. and went on a bit of an explore to take some photos but first I had to give this cute dog a stroke hanging its head out the window. It was so soft! 

China Town.

Wow, attractive haha.

My brother and I's reflection.

They were giving out free Nando's chicken. If hadn't just eaten I would have been on that queue faster then you say could chicken.

I really like Range Rovers.

Quick shoe shot in the train station waiting to go back home. I'm wearing the patent black 1461 Docs and my brother wears Nike Stefan Janoskis. Hope you like this photo diary of the day. Hopefully try and do more things like this.
Thanks for reading.
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