Thursday, 10 July 2014


Helps Your Two Hips Move

Bit of writers block as to how the heck to start this post. You know when you just lose all knowledge as to how to type. Yea I've got a bit of that going on. I actually read on tumblr that typing speeds up your breathing so technically you are doing a bit of cardio whilst typing a post. A win win situation i think you might agree. Anyways, onto what this post is about. Music! Remixes in particular. I think that when some people see the word remix they think club music being sped up to about 60 times the normal rate and nearly passing out from dancing/ singing the first verse. Now there's your cardio.
Well the remixes I want to talk about are the complete opposite of this. I recently found the youtube channel Majestic Casual. They have over 1.8 million subscribers so you may already know them. The remixes on their channel are very chilled out with mellow bass lines that don't break your ear drums. I will admit I am partial to a bit of club, house music in the right circumstances but having a balance of that something calmer and relaxing is nice to have. Some of the remixes they have a kind of The xx feel to them so if thats your thing go ahead and take a listen. 
Some that I particularly like are 
1. Settle Down (The 1975) - Young Ruffian Remix
2. Say My Name (Destiny's Child) - Cyril Hahn Remix
3. You Da One (Rihanna) - J.u.D Remix
4. Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) - Gigamesh Edit
5. Me & U (Cassie) - Vilage Bootleg Remix

Some of the voices are different on these particular remixes (slow down/ changed gender somehow) which I think can make a nice change to perhaps a song you like but are maybe getting bored of because lets be honest it always happen to some songs. 
Their channel has nearly 900 videos so I'm sure that there will be at least one remix you'll like there. I sound like I'm trying to promote them or something. That's not the case, I simply found their channel after it was recommended to me and wanted to share my findings with you.
I hope you enjoy their channel and this post. I realised that after blogging for a good few months now I hadn't talked about music at any point so today was as good a day as any. Maybe I'll share some more music posts with you in the future. 
Thanks for reading.
G x


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