Friday, 11 July 2014

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Summer Blues

So i'm 3 weeks into my 13 week summer holiday and to be quite honest with you i am well and truly bored of being in the house. I can't go anywhere as i don't have a car, and student loans aren't friendly to the bank account so money isn't my forte at current. The summer is a novelty at first. Yes, 6 weeks off or in my case 13 weeks. So much free time and no homework for ages. Yea you know how the story goes but eventually it all creeps up on you and you're stuck with nothing to do. Or at least thats what you think. Got you hooked now haven't I.
In my bored state I thought, no, there are so many things i could do with my time that would be fun and interesting. Be that on my own or with friends. And here they are....

1.Visit a new city, town, just a new place in general.
I know this involves travel costs but you know, a little help from the parents wouldn't go a miss. I don't know about you but I love getting lost in new places and seeing what I can find along the way. 

A personal favourite of mine has to be London. A lot of you have probably been cos it's London, but maybe explore a new part. Go to a part you haven't seen yet but always wanted to. Take photos, record your findings and experience. Make a scrap book or photo album afterwards to remember it. 

I visited Morecombe a few weeks back and it was a gorgeous day and I ended up using my photos for a project so I went somewhere new and got a project from it. Win win. 

2. Go exploring in your local area.
A friend and I literally did this the whole of last summer and it was so much fun. We'd go to her local area and explore and do the same at mine. 

We got absolutely filthy from slipping in mud and came across little overgrown paths and made our way across fields and through forests. We ended up coming across an abandoned farm with a car parked in the garage and the grass growing all up the sides and it rusting. The weird thing was that there were chickens inside and ducks roaming around but it was abandoned. We have always said that if we could find it we'd go back at night but I don't think I have the balls to do that. I'm scared very easily which is hilarious for others. So yea, go ahead and get out there and see what you can find. Bonus, it doesn't involve any money.

3. Try something new.
You could start a blog, do something you've always loved the sound of. My friend and I have always wanted to do that think where you're in a huge inflated ball and you get inside it and are strapped in and you roll down a hill in this gigantious ball. I can't remember what it's called something like zorbing maybe, but you get my drift right...? 
You could master something you're not that good at. One of my tutors at uni always tell us to keep doing something you aren't as good at or not as confident doing as you will eventually be as good at it as the other things. I think it's a great idea. This could be an ongoing thing over the summer as well. Endless days of something to do.

4. Host a barbecue.
A great excuse to get all your friends and family together and have some fun. Have water fights, play your typical family games, monopoly, twister and all that jazz. Have a sip on some Pimms, not to much though. The food is always so delicious at a barbecue as well. Mmmm.

5. Redecorate your room. 
This would be kind of a long project so again, days or weeks worth of something to do. Whether it's giving it a fresh lick of paint or reorganising a corner of the room or redoing the whole thing. It just might give you some more inspiration to do something else afterwards. 

I recently had my room redone and I have to say it looks fabulous. Want a bit of inspiration for room decor. then it just so happens I already have post on that here
Let me know if you give any of these a try or if they inspired you. I'd love to know.
Thanks for reading.
G x


  1. I've had an unusually long summer break as well and long ago ran out of things to do long ago. Redecorating my room looks like something I can do but unfortunately I have to clean it up first! Also, my absolute favorite thing is getting lost in London, it's how you find all the cool spots!
    Sarah xx

    1. Yea you definitely need to be in the right mind set to clean up the entire room. It can take an aaage! Ahhh i absolutely love London. I'm going in couple weeks to sit and draw everything. I love just sitting and people watching there. It's so beautiful :D
      G xx


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