Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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Fresher Lessons

If you saw on my twitter last night then you will have seen that this post is going to be about university. I'm about to enter my second year at uni and it's gone extremely quickly. So i thought I'd share some of the things I learnt. I'm not going to talk about the educational side to this because you obviously go to uni for the education so it goes without saying. I'm going to tell you about the other side to the experience. 
I know what you're thinking, why talk about this now when applications have already been sent and offers are being made. Well, if you're thinking about uni as an option for next year then start looking now. I started over a year in advance and I'm so glad I did as my course decision changed, my whole view on going to uni changed a few times so it gave me time to have allll the emotions towards the situation before coming to final decisions. Cos believe me, you do not want to rush into this kind of thing. Anyways, on with a few more fun things.
Personally I think it is, in a way, a chance to start your life again. You'll be meeting new people left, right and centre. They have no idea who you are so you can finally be the person you want to be. You haven't been put into a certain kind of clique like high school does. You are you, a fresh new page for you scribble all over. I've definitely changed, for the better may I add. So go ahead, be the person who doesn't give a shit what people think.
You're going to learn so much, not necessarily eduction wise but things like how to be more sociable, being more confident in yourself, independence and how to use a washing machine. I think that for me, the independence was the most exciting. I feel more like myself being responsible for myself. Obviously it's nice having your mum or dad doing things for you but you will have to master this learning curve at some point. Yes it can be scary and daunting being thrown into this new environment where you are your own responsibility, but once you've learnt (and you will quickly) I think it feels so rewarding knowing that you can balance looking after yourself, keeping things in check, and trying to get a degree as well. I mean, that's a big achievement. 
The next point I will admit I'm not the best at doing but I'm going to try harder with it in my second year. Saving money. Student budgets aren't exactly the friendliest of budgets but you will learn how to allow yourself to spend it. Like me for example, £20 a week on a food shop, £10 a week for a night out and £10 a week to treat myself/ put into savings. It'll work out eventually. But then you've got that student loan coming in. I mean I've never had that much money in one go before and it can be a bit daunting. This is where i'm guilty of spending too much on things I don't actually need. Clothes manly. This year is going to be a different story however. I've had the novelty of having this money and spending spending spending. It's time to get serious and lock down on my savings. It'll be important to save in the long run and it goes hand in hand with responsibility and independence. Must learn at the end of the day. 
I hope this has given some kind of insight into the uni world. Whether you're going to start this september or starting next year. Thought I would share a few pictures of my first year to see what you could be letting yourself in for. It's all good fun. (There's quite a few pics). Enjoy!

First semester I had a trip to Italy. This is when I bonded with my friends. Great trip.

Guilty of being drunk and getting on a rogue motorbike.

Halloweeeen! Weird, fun, interesting night. Beware, don't leave your drinks unattended. And don't minesweep!

Christmas in the flat!

Embarrassing snap chats you wish you could unsend. 

Decorating other peoples doors/ rooms. 
Findind amazing swings in a hidden park!


Impromtu barbecues. Last one before summer. Emotions!

I hope y'all liked this post, found it useful or just laughed at some of the pictures. 
Till next time.
G x


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