Sunday, 15 June 2014

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London Baby! | Part Two

Continuing from my last London post, which if you haven't seen already then here it is. Third day into our trip and we headed to Kings Cross St. Pancras on the tube. Man it was a long tube ride. Probably an hours long. I like the tube but I've not spent that long on it in one go before. Some of the group were definitely ready to get off by the time we got there. The main attraction to Kings Cross is (you may have guessed already) Harry Potter, with the shop and the mock up of the trolley going through the wall in to platform 9 and three quarters. If you don't know what I'm on about then I highly suggest you find out. It's Harry Potter for crying out loud!

Inside the station. I liked the shapes the lines created.

Outside the station.

From Kings Cross we took a bus to Camden. I'd always wanted to go to Camden and man alive the market is a maze and a half. I could easily get lost in there.

The well known sign of Camden Lock.

I like this display of old cameras. Very nicely presented guys. 10 points from me.

Some sheeshas were dotted around.

There was lots to see and do in the market. We came across a shop called Cyberdog. It's a rave style clothes and accessories store which apparently turns into a club at night too. Gabbie and I ended up attacking each other with UV paint. Oh the maturity levels. Got to keep it fun though right? haha. We sat in the sun and grabbed a bite to eat later in the day. I had a chinese which was a delicious and quite a reasonable price too. 
Day four. The final day. Our get up and go time got later and later each day so we didn't do anything till about 2pm. We are all students, what do you expect. We took a trip to Knightsbridge and went to the Natural History Museum for the rest of our day. I didn't realise there was more than one entrance as I have been before and we went to a part I had not been before. We all had a fun time. There's lots of buttons to press and things to watch and as big kids we were all in our element. We may have played a spot of ninja spies too.

We had to lug our cases and bags around with us the last days as check out was at 10am. The building was gorgeous outside. I love the muted earthy colours of the brick.

It's a blue bloody whale!

We obviously had to take a trip to the gift shop as well and have a mess around with anything and everything we found in there. We were all knackered towards the end of the day so we headed to the bus station in Victoria to grab some food and sit down. Although our bus journey was 3 hours and I was tired Gabbie and I made it a fun trip home as we both love The 1975 so we were dancing all over the bus  to the album and entertaining our group. It passed the time, I had a great time but probably annoyed some people with our singing and dancing haha. The trip went so quickly. This time last week I was in London. City withdrawal symptoms!
But anyways it was a lovely trip before we all went home for the summer. It shall be weird not seeing all the uni friends for a while but thats what Skype is for.
I hope you liked these two London posts. I've already got my next two posts lined up and ready to go very soon.
Till next time.
Gemima x


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