Monday, 16 June 2014

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Fathers Day BBQ

So this Fathers Day was the first time our whole house was all together for the first time in a while with my brother and I being at uni and all so we took this opportunity to sit in each others company and have a small barbecue. Here are some snaps I took yesterday.

My little baby was too warm so came and slumped down inside for a little bit.

Cute little barbecue. We improvised and put it on an upturned plant pot.

My mum and brother. We had barbecued chicken and steak with some green beans and mushrooms and toasted ciabata. Delicious. I didn't have the steak though as I don't like streak. 

She really wanted some steak and chicken too. Bless her.

Rosie and my dad sitting together.

I thought our and looked lovely with the lilypads and roses growing around it. Very summery.
I haven't written too much on this post which makes a change as I usually go off on a tangent somewhere. But I thought I would share what Fathers Day 2014 consisted of in our house. Did you do anything special this sunday?
Till next time.
Gemima x


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