Tuesday, 17 June 2014

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Room Decor.

So I recently had my room redecorated so I thought I'd share some of the ways I made it personal to me. How i've decorated and put things together. I'll start with my favourite part.

Being an arty person means I need me some inspiration so on the side of my trusty Ikea drawers I display clothes labels, packets, leaflets or postcards (stuff like that) that I like the look of. I love this little display but I'm starting to run out of room so I may have to venture onto the side of my other drawers. 

So on top of the trusty Ikea drawers I display some girly essentials. I always keep my perms out so they are at hand whenever I want. I like to keep it tidy and presentable, not that I present the top of my drawers to anyone haha but I just think its nice to keep it all tidy. I'm very organise with my room space. 

And finally is my cushions. I looove cushions so much. I think they can make a room look so much more inviting and comfy so I have mine out all the time. And they are comfy for when my dog sits with me for a nap. My coshes are hung at the foot of my bed. I only have things out that I use most or are key pieces in my wardrobe. My room is quite small so there isn't too much to show but I love the way it has turned out. Has this inspired you wight he decor. of your room? I'd love to hear how you decorated your space.
Till next time.
Gemima x


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