Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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Birthday Bundle

Last Tuesday was my birthday and I went out and bought myself a few goodies with my birthday money. I mean I probably should've saved the money I received but what you gona do hey…? haha First stop was obviously going to be the Mac store. Oh yes, I'd had my eye on a few things for a good while now so was very excite to finally be purchasing them along with some other things I simply just liked the look of. 

 As if I don't already have enough make up brushes I went ahead and bought 3 more didn't I. What? It was my birthday haha. The 130 was picked up simply because I liked the look of it. But all reasoning aside I love this brush. It's lovely for some more precise contouring so I regularly use it when bronzing. I'm very glad I picked it up. Do recommend. Now these next I did actually want so I have good reason to have bought them. So, we have the 215 and the 214. A great couple of eyeshadow brushes that really help build up a more pigmented colour. These babies pretty much make it into my every day make up routine so i think i'm getting my moneys worth.

Popped into Urban Outfitters next to have a rummage,see what caught my eye and things certainly did. First purchase from UO was  this lovely crop top with an eiffel tower print on it. I got it in a medium as I wanted it a little oversized so i could wear tighter bottoms to contrast with the bagginess of it. But it's a great fit with the extra bit of room and for £15 I didn't think it was too bad a price. They have other tops in the same style with different prints so I may end up picking some more up. I can never have enough crop tops.

A cute £3 bracelet (it was on sale) with a tiny turtle charm (is that the right word?). I much prefer to wear lots of small bracelets rather than chunky ones. The only thing with this one is that it does catch on things. I managed to ladder a pair tights with it.

Finally from UO was this nail polish in Splash. The electric blue stood out to me. I believe this is more of a top coat to add a bit of sparkle kind of polish so I may team it with some white to see what it looks like.

Maybellines colour tattoo. A much talked about product so I thought I'd hop on the band wagon and see what the hype is about. I picked up the shade permanent taupe. In the pot it looks more of an earthy brown/ purply undertones colour but upon applications it comes of more puprly grey. However, I still really like it and It is amazing as a base to make my eyeshadow last so much longer. Very glad I jumped onto this hype.
I have few more products to share with you, more Mac ones to be precise but I think I will put them in a separate post as I don't want this to be too long. So stick around for that sometime soon. Otherwise I hope you enjoyed.
Till next time.
Gemima x


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