Friday, 13 June 2014

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London Baby! | Part One

Okay is it really sad that i've reached next colour on my post-it notes and i'm really happy about it…? I'm on greek now! Yaayyy. Haha.
Anyway moving along. So a group of my friends and I took a short, 3 and a bit days to London last Friday. We stayed in a hotel in Hounslow which is west London (zone 5 tube wise). The Hotel was right near one our friends house so it was lucky that her mum made us food some days. We took a bus to get to London. Took about 3- 4 hours and we were dropped off in Victoria. Day One was therefore mainly travelling and getting into Victoria by about 1pm. We headed straight to the hotel which was a tube ride and 20 minute was. And Oh My Glob! That 20 minute walk in 23degrees was horrendous. Do not recommend. Nope! Not at all. We were all pretty knackered and felt gross from the heat when we finally reached to hotel so showers and then food was in order. But even though we didn't really do much that evening it was still fun and we all had a laugh as ever.
Day two. It was pouring down with rain and of course, none of us were prepared for such events. So a short walk to telco to buy lunch was enough to make us all look like drowned rats. Buying umbrellas at telco was necessary. But the moment we had all spent a fiver on one it immediately stopped raining and didn't continue at all for the rest of our trip. Winner! However, a tube ride to Piccadilly it was. 

Evidence of the downpour that morning.

First stop of the day, Hamleys. Walking down Regent Street and I was just basking in the amazing buildings. I think they are gorgeous! I could go on for ages about how amazing I think they are, but on with the day. 
So, erm, Hamleys is really quite huge. What is it, like 4 storeys and has an underground bit too. The only thing that made me want to get the hell out of there was the mass of children running around. Now i'm not the hugest fan on children so a hug toy store, and me in the middle, probably not the ideal scenario. However, it was still fun just being with my friends and there was some weird and awesome things in there. So we spent a couple of hours in there so we went and sat on the steps by the statue at Piccadilly Circus to eat lunch. I noticed a huge Waterstones down the road and being a group of illustrators, we weren't leaving till we had been in. 

The weather was gorgeous still and really hot.
We went down the road to TokyoToys next as most of my friends are anime fans so and instant attraction to the shop was taken. After we went to get some bubble tea and then onto a comic/ graphic novel store. I have no idea where it is as I was just taking in the pretty buildings whilst Jay lead us everywhere. She is the Londoner and whose house we were staying near. But in this store we found one of our tutors books which was quite cool. A much talked about shop which I'd never visited was the last stop in central.

Forbidden Planet. There was soooo many awesome things in here. Game of Thrones Pop figures, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Adventure Time and loads more. Downstairs was a huge load of books, comics and everything.  It was my favourite shop of the day. Although I wish the Sherlock section was bigger as I am a big fan of the series. We were all craving a drink after so we walked until we found somewhere and of course we found  a Costa. I discovered that I really like the Original Iced Lemonade. Do recommend. I seems to go mad on the lemon drinks whilst in London.

I really liked the illustration on the wall in Costa so I got a quick snap of it for y'all. We went to Jays house to eat again and had a delicious curry.We stayed up and listened to some creepy pasta on youtube in the dark at the hotel.  And Dan told us all about Slender too which I then later dreamt he was in the room that night. Not good. Before bed Gabbie and I had a girly sesh a did some face masks to end the day so we were all fresh faced for the next. 
So that was the first two days of our trip. There'll be more to come. I hope you enjoyed. Have any of you been to London to live there? I'd love to know.
Till next time.
Gemima x


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