Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Caught in Notts

My second attempt at writing this post as it all keeps going wrong but here we go again. So me and the bestie went to Nottingham to do a bit of shopping together. We decided to celebrate her birthday a couple of days early as I wasn't going to be in town for actual birthday. 

This was before I left my house to meet Lizzie at the train station. I went for gold toned eyeshadow with your classic cat eye liner.

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The first thing on our minds upon arrival was food. I was a little early so we searched for somewhere for an hour or so. We were both craving a chinese and came across May Sum, a buffet style restaurant. At £6.95 each we thought it was a great deal and well worth our money as the food was amazing! It seemed really popular too, opening at 12pm and almost full by 12.05. Do recommend.

We often sit outside for a while to sit, talk and people watch. I could seriously people watch for hours. I just find it interesting and it's great to draw people during their everyday lives too. There are quite a few shops outside eo the shopping centre and Lizzie and I prefer them to be honest. But there is an Urban Outfitters inside that we can't help but resist. I partially bought Lizzie a new piercing as part of a birthday present to her and it's made me want another too. Maybe I shall get one in the summer.
As always I ended up spending too much money on make up and a couple of other things too. Lizzie go some gorgeous shorts from Urban Outfitter as well. And I just thought of something to tell you but now i've completely forgotten it. How annoying! 

I tried some thing on in Ark but didn't buy anything. However, this was my outfit for the day. Shorts which you can hardly see from Primark. Long t-shirt form Boohoo and my coat is from Fat Face (not sold anymore). I have a little Loki figurine hanging rom my phone which was in a Kinder Egg.

My little collective make up buys. It was 3 for 2 so how a girl say no to that i ask you! I knew that i'd seen a Sleek counter before somewhere I go shopping and was excited to finally find it again. These are my first Sleek purchases ever. I was wanting the contour kit by them but there were none of those in stock so I had a whole new decision to make.

I went with the corrector and concealer palette instead. With 2 shade of concealer and a powder i guess it could be considered a contour kit. I certainly use it in this way. The concealers are lovely to apply. Sometimes a use a brush sometimes my fingers but both give a great result. I haven't used the powder yet but I feel it could be promoted to my new base eyeshadow as i have an out of my current one. Yes that's no what its for but what the hell, it's make up, experiment. 

Second Sleek item is the talked up brow kit.  I got mine in dark. The little tweezers that come with it are so useful to have with you and the fact it has a mirror as well make it even better. Before this I was using an eyeshadow to fill in my brow but this kit gives a much better colour. I have only used to powder of the right as i feel the other may bit a bit too dark but i will still definitely experiment.

Finally on the make up front is the NYC Individual Eyes Palette Smokey Blues. This palette has been designed specifically for people with blue eyes (i.e me!). I love that it also comes with a base and highlighter and for £3.99 there just no excuse to not own this. I haven't yet tried it or swatches it but I love the colours and it tells you where to put the colours on the lid which could be helpful to beginners out there. 

Sorry about the spotty bedcover behind but I'm at my flat rather than my house at the moment so change of scenery and photographing areas. However last stop as Topshop. Lizzie had been wearing a white top that were in fact the same as these and i'd had my eye on them for a while so I picked some up for myself. Simple, ribbed, crop tops that can be paired easily in an outfit. I'm not sure about the colour of the blue or if it suits me so I may exchange this one for another colour. Saving them for my London trip on friday!
So thats all for now. Hope you enjoyed my post. I may start doing some more lifestyle posts. Like daily vlogs in blog form. What do we think?
Till next time.
Gemima x


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