Thursday, 29 May 2014

Chit Chat

I don't have any photos but I really felt like writing a post so here I am, having a chinwag with you lovely lot. It's currently half past 10 and I'm settling down with a cheeky bit of chocolate an watching Sex and the City (hilarious programme!) I'm going to paint my nails ready for my day tomorrow. I'm going shopping with my bestie for her 19th birthday. We may get piercings together! Very excite! I'll take some snaps tomorrow and show y'all what I buy. We are going to Nottingham. I love shopping there. I has all the usual high street stores like Urban Outfitters, Topshop and all that but if you explore a little more you find some lovely vintage stores. I looove the buildings as well. The colours are very nude and monotone but I really love that. But then again I have a fascination with buildings and their architecture. On saturday I head back to my flat and prepare for another trip with my uni friends which I am unbelievably excited for. We are going to London for a few days. Yes, it's London you've all probably been there done and so have I many a time before but every single time I visit it's like an adrenaline rush and it almost feels like home to me (one day). I can't put into words how amazing and beautiful I think London is so the fact that I'm going for a few nights and with friends makes it all the more exciting.
Now I'm just rambling, but if you love it to then do share your love of the city with me! (Oh no there's a row of chocolate gone hehe).
So as I said, some shopping and piercings and photos tomorrow.
Till next time.
Gemima x 


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