Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Haul | Primark, The Body Shop and more...

So I went shopping today and decided I'd treat myself to a few goodies. I haven't been shopping for nic nacs in a while and I think because everything i got was small and not too expensive, it built up into a nice healthy sized haul that i thought I'd share with as I'm excited about all of them! So here we go.

Look at all the stuff!

First stop, Superdug.
Kate Moss has recently released some more make up in collab. with Rimmel and I saw this mascara a couple of days ago and thought, you will be mine! First of all, the packaging is lovely and secondly the wand isn't anything i've seen before and I seriously can't wait to try it out. I'll give it a review when I have. I went for black but I believe there are a couple of other colour (blue and green I think) for you more experimental ones.

To the GOSH stand next. Now, for me getting an eyeliner in this colour is pushing the boundaries but it stood out to me and I think it's a gorgeous colour. It's number 018 in the colour Sea You. (This colour isn't on the website.) It has a mermaid kind of vibe to it. It's just a gorgeous colour. I mean I will probably team it with my usual black liner but this extra pop of colour will be something new for me. Can't wait to get going with it. 

I've had my eye on this for probably well over a year now and thought yea why not. It's GOSH Giant Sun Powder. And it literally is huge, like the size of my face huge! The image isn't doing it justice but it has more golden undertones and is a lighter bronzer than I use currently. But I think it will give that more sun kissed look. I think it could definitely work as an eyeshadow too. And it has a mirror! I won't lie I bought it mainly for the aesthetics which isn't a justifiable reason but what the hell. Don't tell me you've never done that before hehe.

And lastly from Superdrug, a bottle of water. I realise this isn't the most interesting thing but I find it so difficult to find a bottle that is a litre in size and for 59p i took up the offer. Plus it's great to carry some water around with you.

To The Body Shop next. I'd been on the look out for a face mask for a couple of weeks and this one was recommended to me and the fact for a pound extra I could get a pore perfector too, well, I obviously went for it! I tried out the mask as soon as and it was brilliant. I have never had such a good result from a face mask before. I should have got a picture of the actual product inside but if you're in The Body Shop then look out for this. As it says it's for combination to oily skin and it worked wonder on the T zone. Do recommend! 

 Headed over to Next to see what was occurring and came across these sunnies. I'd seen The Beauty Crush wearing some RayBans in her Aussie blogs and these reminded me of them but more affordable for me at £12.50 and they come with a free case too. Winner!

Good old Primark next. I never used to like Primark but being a student now, cheap is your friend and Primakr definitely meets the standards in this category. A bikini for £4? Yes please! The colour is gorgeous and I feel like it could be reversible with the stripes inside but I'm not sure. Something I may have to try out. The bottoms are adjustable as the sides are ties which is great as i'm bigger on the bottom anyway. I like wearing bikinis under normal, light, everyday clothes as it can be more comfortable than a bra if its warm weather. Primark has quite a selection of bikinis so go check them out. 

And finally, some simple sandals but the pattern on the strap made it a must have for me. They're comfy, easy to pair with an outfit and cheap. Again £4. The only thing I will say is that I wish the strap around the ankle was a bit bigger but part from that they fit perfectly (I went for a size 5). These will definitely be used to death in the holiday season.
So quite a few pics there, Hopefully it's inspired you in some way. I think I will do a post using the new make up products I bought to show you how I get on with them.
Hope you enjoyed the post guys.
Till next time.
Gemima x


  1. Love those sandals! I so wish Primark would make an appearance on this side of the pond!
    Sarah xx

    1. Ah thank you! They are like the perfect pair for me :) As if you don't have primark! It's an essential shop in life haha Where are you?
      G xx

    2. I'm in America which is sadly lacking in Primark. I've heard there may be some coming over to us in a year or so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
      Sarah xx

    3. Which part of America? I've been once and loved it so much. It's a shame that you can't order online for Primark or you'd be all over it :)
      G xx


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