Saturday, 17 May 2014


On a recent night out I was given a few comments on my figure and what i was wearing, which i didn't think was anything too special. A simple dark grey body con dress. No fancy details just a simple dress. I had my legs out which does't normally happen but it was hot out and I was feeling confident. Just a few comments like that made me feel great about myself. And I thought if I get compliments in a simple dress then imagine if i did mix it up and went all out. I guess what I'm saying is that being confident in yourself really does show on the outside and brings only good, kind things. Yea there may be people who aren't in the same mind as the one's that complimented you but in the nicest way possible, fuck them! You rock that dress, skirt, top, whatever you want but do it in confidence because you are all fabulous.
Anyway, onto the actual post. With this, I guess in some ways new found confidence I decided to whip the legs out again today so I thought I'd show you what I was wearing. But first……..

Glasses or no glasses?

I picked up these shorts from Primark a couple of days ago and have been loving them. And for £4 who can deny them. The bright blue trim stood out to me most as blue's my favourite colour. I thought beach shorts but could be dressed up too. Today however, is a casual bikini top and bright Topshop cami kind of day. 
Although I feel  more confident in myself at the moment, I haven't braved them out yet, but one step at a time.
Have you got any new summer buys, or is the sun making you a little braver with the leg baring like me?
It's getting me very excited for the holidays I have coming up with friends.
I hope it's lovely weather where you are too.
Till next time.
Gemima x


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