Saturday, 22 August 2015

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As every summer entails, I have found some new music to have a little dance around my room to and here I am to share it with you. Currently partaking in this activity as you read (more than likely). 
First up we have Jess Glynne's album, I Cry When I Laugh
I've had the date for this release on my calendar for quite some time and yes Jess, you have indeed delivered. Do approve rather highly. She's already had 6 number one's from this album before it was even released so I could only see it going up from here. It's hard to pick some songs out but if I have to then I do recommend No Rights No Wrongs and You Can Find Me. For me, a good album need to immediately capture my attention and be generally uplifting. You want that too? Well here you go. My gift to you.

Gorgon City - Saving My Life (feat. ROMAN)
Finally some new music from these guys. Released on their Vevo channel on Monday I've had this playing in the car, in my room, in the kitchen, anywhere I'm tolerated really. If you know any of Gorgon City's music at all then you'll recognise the baselines they've got going on in this one. Once again, will be jamming' to this around the house.

The Maine - American Candy
I was introduced to these guys last year and yea, they're great. I've not heard a band like them before. The first song I heard of theirs was English Girls so I definitely think you should all give this one a go. They have 2 videos for this song and I think both just show off their fun personalities. Also I'm super excited to be seeing them as a support act for Mayday Parade in January! 
Here and here are the videos. 

Hobbie Stuart - How You Love It
He's a fast growing YouTuber on the path of pursuing his musical career. I hadn't heard any of his work until recently. I was watching a video of Gabby's (velvetghost) and she featured a few of his songs and it was this one that stood out for me. Although it's not a song you can buy on iTunes, I think a cheeky youtube convert is well in order.

Years & Years - Shine (Jax Jones Remix)
If you know me at all then you'll know I have a very big love for these guys. I've followed and listened to them for a couple years now so the success that they're having is really exciting to hear. I have still yet to see them in physicality but my time will come. A friend linked this remix and I was a bit apprehensive at first as the original song is gold in my ears but I think this remix does it justice. Jax Jones gets one G point from me. 

I hope you've found my choices for this chart interesting and let me know if you like any of them too.
All links are in red.

Thanks for reading.

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