Tuesday, 23 September 2014

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The Little Things

I finally have internet in my new uni house and can get back into the stride of blogging again. I have missed it and it's been a little strange being away for just over a week, but now that I'm back at uni and everything is back in the full swing, blogging is definitely back to being part of my routine. 
The fact I've moved back to uni away from home (and some of you probably have too) means we can miss those little things that make us happy at home.

For me, I miss things like the cushions on my bed, having my work/ drawers arranged in a way I know and love. My back garden where I can play with my dog. Of course I can't have all of these things with me (the garden would be pretty tricky) but I tend to take note of little things at my new house that make me happy and remind me of home. For example, the sound of a door closing, the smell of a perfume or finding a stray dog hair on one of my clothes. All of these kinds of things can remind you that home, is only a phone call, train journey or car ride away and uplifting things are all around us. 
So as my first post back at uni, I want you guys to take more notice of the little things that make you happy. The taste of your favourite food, an outfit someone special bought you or a flower you see on your travels. I've really realised living in my house that little things truly do make me happy and that this really is the bigger picture. The little things.

Thanks for reading.

G x


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