Sunday, 31 August 2014

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It's last day of August. What? I'm awaiting the September list in my blog archive. Anyways, I went for a little shop yesterday and obviously I had to wear everything as soon as I could and today is that day. I'm letting the stripped, cropped, turtle neck top do the talking here. I've never really this style of high neck line top suited me. I guess you can be the judge of that, but the fact that it is a little looser around the neck allows for a bit more breathing space. What do you think?

I thought, hair up for this as there'd be a lot going on around the neck with the turtle neck and hair down, so keep it simple.

Top - H&M (not on the website)
Shorts - New Look (similar)
Shoes - H&M (similar)
Bag - New Look

Turns out it's an all New Look and H&M outfit today but it works so what the heck.
I'm going to be promoting new posts on my tumblr now too so if you fancy heading over there to see what's occurring then feel free to do so here.
As ever, all links are in red to take you to view/ buy items.
Thanks for reading.

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