Monday, 11 August 2014

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Cornwall | Day One

I'm finally on my jolly holiday. After talking about it and anticipating it for quite some time I'm so happy to finally be here. I'm staying in Looe in Cornwall. I'd been here as a youngster but can't remember substantial parts of said trip. Does anyone else feel like they can't remember any of there life up until about 16? 
Yesterday was mainly a travel day but i have still managed to get some great pictures of the area where we are staying. It's hard to whittle them down for you guys but I will give it a go.

Cute little rockery outside where we are staying. 

This was a picture in my room. I thought it was quite funny.

And I thought the cups were cute too.

It's so beautiful where we are staying. I have definitely missed the sea.

I love how all the houses are all on different levels all up the hills. Kind of reminds me of Italy.

The light started to draw in but the view was till gorgeous. How about this full moon reflecting on the water? Tumblr worthy or what haha.

I know this is blurred slightly but I really loved this one of my dad and I.

I love how the moon is creeping in from behind the hill.

It was all so pretty and magical with the lights in the evening. I'm so excited to explore more this week, so look out for lots more posts on my holiday soon. 
Thanks for reading.

G x


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