Saturday, 9 August 2014


Chill Out Man

The past couple of days I will put my hands up and admit that i've had a day or two where I haven't done much and just taken some time to chill out by myself and get all up in my own head space. It's good for you to take a little time out sometimes to not do much some days and yes, it is okay to do this. Some people are always on the go, always have something to do and work on so it can be difficult to actually sit down and not do something that is considered productive. I myself have no trouble being completely unproductive with a day but most of the time I will make something from a day. But as said the past couple of days I haven't done much so I thought I would share a few things you could do, to chill, to relax, to have a bit of fun with.

1) Catch up with some Tv programmes.

Normally when I work I will have something on in the background, usually Friends, but when it's on in the background you aren't properly watching it. So put that computer, notebook, pen, paper, whatever down and actually watch it. It's fun to in a way get involved with the programme, become weirdly attached to the characters which could lead to an obsession.....never happened to me..ahem. Lies! haha. 

And of course there has to be a cheeky bit of chocolate at hand whilst divulging into this new programme. Just a handy tip there haha.

2) Mess around with clothes and make up.

Some people are into one more than the other so take your pick. You are taking the day to have fun and chill so try out a really wacky, controversial make up look that you most likely wouldn't wear in public. Or just experiment with switching up your everyday look. 

That's what I did and I achieved this eyeshadow look which I actually ended up really loving. 
Or see if you can put on all your clothes at once haha just like Joey did in Friends in The One Where Noones Ready. Possibly my favourite ever episode. 

Or in my case it means putting my dressing gown on my head and calling that an achievement.

3) Read a book.

Actually not everyones cup of tea. I'm not hugely into reading at current but again, much like the Tv programme you get involved, you get connected with the characters and it takes you away from reality which can be really nice sometimes.
I'm the kind of person that when I do read, I end up somehow reading about 7 books at once. There are currently bookmarks in the Stephen Kings, It and the Game of Thrones book. 

4) Do something you enjoy that's different.

I don't necessarily mean different as in out of the ordinary, but different as in something you wouldn't do on a day to day basis. I love to draw. I guess it is part of my day to day routine but because I love it, it is fun to do every single time. 
Maybe you could, go for a bike ride, visit a family member you haven't seen a while, make a cake, something as simple as that. It can be the little things that make us happy.

5) And the final one for today is to take a nap.

Before I started uni, I never ever used to take a nap but they are literally a life saver to me sometimes. Even 10 minutes can be enough. They can give you time to rest your weary head, take you away from the heat of it all but still gives you an little revitalise of energy that we all need sometimes. They work wonders, trust me.
There we have it folks, a few ways to take some time for yourself and chill out man. We all need it from time to time. Ironically though I now have a very busy day ahead of me. I'm going on holiday tomorrow so need to pack, then I'm filming a new video. Only 2 things to do but I have no doubt that the first will take up a lot of time. If you have any tips for taking time to chill then leave a comment and let us all know. Otherwise I hope I've helped in some way.

G x


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