Tuesday, 15 July 2014


That's Future Me's Problem

Is it me or does it seem that from the get up and go of high school it's drilled into our minds that we have to think about our futures. At something like 13 is it when you're in high school how the heck do i know what I want to be doing in about 2 years time for my GCSE's. It's like they are telling to decide who you want to be. I'm 19 and only just starting to find this out and it'll probably take a few more years after that to really know. We're always changing and developing throughout life so telling a 13 year old to make there minds up for what they are going to do for possibly the rest of their lives is just a tiny bit scary.
Luckily for me I've found what I love doing and haven't really any doubts as to what i'm doing with life at the moment. And i think I've got a ball part idea for 5 years time but even still it's scary to think that in 5 years I may not have a job after finishing uni and could be living at home still. We don't know what life is going to throw in our direction.
I may have it more together now, but at the time of my decisions for GCSE's I was back and forth like a yo-yo. There was tears, there was shouting and there were moments when I felt like I didn't really give a shit anymore. It's a lot of pressure to put on someone when in our youths all we want to do is have fun. I was the same when deciding about uni as well. I completely threw myself off the idea of uni for a while. But as I said it luckily all worked out well for me in the end. 
It's feels like if we don't get it right the first time then we won't get anywhere in life. So not true, you can re-take and try again because we don't always get it right and pressure of trying to decide can make us make the wrong decision. 
Did/ do any of you feel the same? It's a tough decision to make when you kind of just want to live in the present and have fun. 
Has this post sounded like i'm writing an essay to argue my point or something? I hope not. Let me know if you've had or are going through these kind of thoughts at the moment. 
Thank you for reading.
G x


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