Wednesday, 16 July 2014


A Positive Outlook

So it's time to get all personal and deep guys, the time has come upon us. These past few days i've been feeling quite confident with myself and I think it's reflected in some of the decisions i am starting to make to do with my life and this blog. I think of myself as a mostly happy, fun, bubbly and sometimes a bit of a hyper active person who will always be up for having some fun, be that hanging out with my friends, dancing around my room to extremely loud and bassie music or going and having a cheeky explore of somewhere new. I haven't always been like this. A few years ago I went through a difficult time of not feeling like I wanted to be around anyone, barely speaking to even my own family and generally cutting myself off from the reality of it all. It wasn't fun and I made it difficult for my family as well. This 'phase' (if you can call it that) lasted for a good few years and it was horrible. I still feel like this sometimes but I find i'm my happiest when i'm surrounded with people that make me laugh and feel like everything to do with my life is A Okay. It's much easier to pull myself out of these, now shorter 'phases'.  As said the majority of my time I am very happy and bubbly now and I wanted impart (is that the right word?) some of my outlook and being more positive with you lovely people. Yesterday I got all kinds of crafty, not sneaky crafty, but arsty fartsy crafty (cos thats my thing you see).

Chopped me down some paper.....

Got the trusty watercolour palette out....

Put down some pretty, bright colours and made me a little book I did. 

I took some inspiration from Zoella's motto 'Just Say Yes,' and went on to write things down that make me happy, things that I should do to lift my mood and a little inspirational passage to get me to move my butt and try a little harder to do new things. I want you all to join me with this. We can all always try more things because no ones tried everything right? I made my book pocket sized so I can take it with me wherever I go so if I have any doubts about a situation that could potentially be really great and beneficial to me, I can whip this baby out and give myself the boost I need. It may take some work, as diving straight in can be scary but what the heck you know. What's the worst that can happen from getting in at the deep end. You know you can have armbands if you want. There's more than likely going be a bit of help along the way.I'm not sure what i'm going to say yes to yet, but when (not if) i do i'll be sure to share my experiences to perhaps help motivate any of you as well. I invite you all to make your own book, poster, leaflet, post it notes to put up in your rooms, around your house, or to take everywhere with you like I have. Lets see how effective it can because at end of those days that may be harder and feel like you should give up, remember you are the only person that can turn it around for yourself and that in it itself is accomplishment to be proud let alone all these new things you're going to try. 
Thanks for reading.
G x


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