Thursday, 17 July 2014

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Chit Chat | 4

As you read this, i'm probably shopping my tush off. I've written this in advance as I'm busy for a couple of days. I love being busy, it makes me feel so much happier being productive with my day, which more often than not I am anyways. You guys don't need to know that sometimes I sit on tumblr or youtube for hours on end....What, who said that.....
So since i'm currently shopping then it means you guys have a haul coming your way very soon. I'm really excited for it as i know exactly what I'm getting with probably a few extras i'll find along the way too. I've been waiting for a while to get some of the things i'll be buying but thats for tomorrow.
Today is just a little chit chat, probably me going off on a tangent kind of post. I don't know about you guys though I like reading those kind of posts. People personalities can really shine through. 
What shall I encrypt onto this page for you today....lets see....oooo on saturday I have a couple things to announces which i'm excited about. I think i'm going to be going to London in the next few weeks for the day. And in about 4 weeks time i'll be on my holiday. Which again, i'm very much looking forward to. Amazing, i've actually got a quite a few things lined up to look forward to. Scoooore!
 Shall I share some things I like at current? Yea? Okay i'll do that.
So tumblr has been on point recently. Omg it took me so long to remember how to spell recently, just then. But yea, the thing with tumblr is it can be really boring or there's reblog after reblog. Never ending. But my dash is on fire with the qualities at the moment. Good one followees. Nice job.
Some of you may majorly disagree with me anymore for the next one cos it's a marmite kind of deal. I recently downloaded Miley Cyrus' album. I caved into the hype and got it. It took me a long time to come around to it but I watched interview she's had like on Alan Carr and she seemed much more well rounded than the media presents. I'm not going to lie I don't like most of the songs on the album but the ones I do like put me in good mood and make me feel like I can do anything which is what I like in a song. So the tracks I like are GETITRIGHT, Drive, Do May Thang, On my Own and Rooting For My Baby. Any of you guys a fan or are you totally against it all after hannah montanna seems to have melted into the depths of the earth?
I'm right into piercings at the moment too. I've got a few lined up I want. Can you be into piercings? Is that a thing? I guess it is. But i've got a few more on my ears I want and my tongue. My friend recently got her septum done and it kind of motivates you to want some more yourself. Somehow being stabbed with a small hollow needle is appealing, but yes, yes it is.
I'll leave it there for todays post and I can start taking photos for tomorrows. Soooo excite right now. I hope you can reciprocate my excitedness.
Thanks for reading.
G x     


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