Friday, 18 July 2014

Highly Anticipated (for me)

If you read my post yesterday then you will have seen that I have a haul being thrown in your direction very soon. Well soon, is now. It's here, the day has come. So take a seat, have a drink and relax. I'm not going to show everything I bought yesterday cos I don't think it's all very interesting and I've got to keep y'all engaged somehow. 

Kicking things off with a cheeky bit of Spatone. I'd read and heard about these a couple of weeks ago and since i'm supposed to take iron tablets on a daily, but don't actually do it, I thought I'd try something else to fit into my daily routine. One sachet has your daily dose of iron in it so i'm taking mine diluted in some orange juice. Their website also suggests apple, black current, pineapple juice to dilute as well. I'm hoping this will work for me and give me a bit more energy. Perhaps i'll let you know how it all goes down incase any of you are on the look out for something similar. I got this box of 28 sachets from Boots for around £10. 

Aaaargh a new pair of Docs! I've been wanting these for a while now and oh my bejesus they are just deliciously beautiful. I got them from Schuh with a student discount so that helped the total at the end. They are the patent black 1461's and compared to my other pair of Docs, these puppies are going to take a bit more wearing in. But luckily enough i'm wearing them right now. Maybe i'll lightly jog around the house in them to get the ball rolling. These are just a classic for me and will go with so many things. I have paired them with a black velvet skater skirt and an oversized crop top that can be see in this post. I'm hoping to have them worn in before I go on holiday in about 3 weeks. Could be a challenge. I'm willing to sacrifice myself for said challenge though. Dedication!

My final major purchase of the day was this freakin gorgeous device. I've been saving for this for a while now and I finally bought it yesterday. It's the Sony a5000. I've been wanting this for something i've been planning for my blog for a few weeks now. But I shall announce that tomorrow. Obviously I will be using this all the time for taking photos and what not. I originally had a Nikon D3000 but I wanted a more compact camera. This may be compact but it still does everything my DSLR did and is in some ways better. A tech spec. coming your way...
20.1 megapixels, 1080p videos, interchangeable lenses, auto focus and a 180 degree rotating screen. It'll be great for on the go to slip into my bag and have with me everyday. I'm so excited to get going with it, i've heard nothing but good reviews so hopefully it will live up to my expectations. 
Tomorrows post is going to be just as exciting to write as todays so I hope you will join me there tomorrow. Anyways I hope todays has been interesting for you lovely people.
Thanks for reading.
G x 


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