Saturday, 19 July 2014


Lets Get the Ball Rolling

Yesterdays post entailed the purchasing of a rather, and I quote, deliciously beautiful camera. The Sony a5000 to be more precise. Now, one of the reasons I bought this is to start doing some vlogs for my blog/ possible youtube channel. I shall entitle this series, Walkabout Wednesdays. Wow, what a great title I hear you say. Why thank you. 
I've been considering for a good while, now even before I had this blog, doing this kind of thing. It's another exciting platform to represent myself on. The thought of it makes me nervous, because not everyone understands this kind of thing. I don't think my parents really do, so for them to see me essentially talking to myself and holding a camera in my face by choice may seem a little bizarre to them. But i'm in the mind set of 'why not' at the moment and it seems to be working out well for me so far. Making me feel more confident and proud of myself, which never goes a miss. 
Anyways, I shall be announcing the start of this, I guess I could call it a project, soon. I'll be filming daily vlog type thingy majigs, maybe more planned out things as well. I don't want to put a label on exactly what i'll be doing as I had an idea for this blog and the basis of it has evolved over time. So I guess my vlogs will too.
I'm super excited to get going with it. Whether you join me on this journey or not, I hope that you'll perhaps support me in the internet world that we all I've our lives in. 
I'll be doing my usual posts from now on but I wanted to blog about this.
Thanks for reading.
G x


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