Sunday, 20 July 2014

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Baring All

Today I wanted to write about something thats been on my mind. Not necessarily troubling me but just something I've been thinking about in a more positive way. When it comes to my body, I've never been overly confident with getting my legs out (without tights at least). It's always been the case of going back and forth with outfit decisions based on whether or not 'Oo is that too much leg', 'do I feel comfortable with this', 'maybe i'll just put tights on instead.' I've never put, say some shorts on without any thought and didn't take a second look as to whether i'm confident enough to do this today. 
So yesterday I received a parcel from Asos (yay!) and to my delight I loved every single thing in there. There were dresses, shorts, lovely little jackets and some accessories. It got me all excited to go on holiday and made me feel like I could actually have my legs bare for a change. Obviously it isn't always the time and place to go bare, like when you go outside and there's 3 feet of snow. You know, on the off day that this occurs in a UK winter (rare). 
Tomorrow i'm going to film a video where baring legs isn't going to be an issue for me. At current, my thoughts are, yes there may be parts of your legs that you don't like and you'd rather keep covered, but you know what, sod it! There are ways around this. For example, I don't like the tops of my legs, but I can work round this by going for a midi length skirt or dress. I shall demonstrate tomorrow.
All in all, I'm trying to be more confident in the way I see what I consider to be my flaws. They are only flaws if you see them that way. My thought process needs to be flipped on its arse when it comes to this, and be forced to think positively. At the end of the day, it's a healthier thing to do. It takes up so much of my time thinking negatively about the way I look sometimes. Its a waste of time. I could put my thoughts into something more productive and healthier. From here on out this is my aim. To not see my flaws as flaws, but almost as pieces of myself that show I'm human, show I have lived, show I'm not perfect because no one is, i'm unique because of my 'flaws' and so is everyone.
I hope you'll join me when I've filmed and edited my video and take on a new confidence yourselves.
Thanks for reading.
G x


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