Monday, 21 July 2014


A Morning in the Life of... | 1

Aaaargh I just received an email telling me that Clean Bandits new video for Come Over is out! Aaaargh it's so good. Go check it out guys. Anyways, the post, lets get back to it. It's a lifestyle post today. Thought I'd show you what I made of my morning. Yes, it was this very morning so i've been on task all day. Photos, filming a video, uploading said photos and videos and photos onto computer, editing, and blogging. All in a days work. Empowered independent woman here haha. So here we go, the morning presented itself as follows. 

First things first I gots to play with my little cutie pie. Running around with her gets the blood pumping I tell ya. And my brother was running a little late on the schedule. Supposed to leave the house at 9, didn't get out till nearly 10. Standard procedure. 

Outfit of the day. Dress from Asos. Belt from Topshop (not sold anymore). Shoes are 1461 Docs.

I managed to achieve, controlled messy bun hair status today. It's a constant struggle to get this hair do right.

Always time for a few selfies along the way as well. 

And we are finally all in the car, only an hour late. Brother driving and Mama in the back seat. I didn't feel like driving today so my brother took to the wheel.

It's such gorgeous weather today but bloody hot. Oh I forgot to say we were going to do a bit of shopping because my mum wanted some clothes for our holiday in a few weeks. 

But before we shop, we must of course stop off at Costa for a bite to eat, which obviously involves cake.

Oh my goodness this lemon cake is the bees knees. Its sooo delicious. First pick every time for me.

My brother had a chocolate twist. I've never actually tried one of these but them look really good. And my brother picks this pretty much every time.

Not an amazing view but still a view all the same.

Mmmm books. I love book shops. From the smell when you walk in, the different covers. I particularly love the art and design section. I very nearly bought a book here but today I was being all, do I really need this, and the answer was of course no, no you don't. So maybe next time. 

It was a short trip and my mum managed to get a few pieces to add to her wardrobe. Me on the other, no, not a single thing. Wow, great end result to the post G. The thing is, it's sale time and I really hate sales. Everything just looks a mess and I can never find anything I want. It's on sale for reason, no one wants it. 
So yea, I bought nothing, but I still enjoyed it. I love going out to eat and would do it all the time if I could and I haven't eaten out in a good while so it was a nice change. 
I've just filmed a video for tomorrow so I'll be editing that for the rest of the day most likely. I'm really excited to see it come together. 
Thanks for reading.
G x


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