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Today is, I guess a rant. A huge pet peeve of mine which sometimes makes me what to, well i'll go as far as saying, ahem, punch them in the face. Yes, this really grinds on me too my very core (did not mean for that to sexual in any way haha). So if you aren't a huge fan of a good rant then, you probably won't want to continue reading. But, I shall go on never the less. 
Rude, godamn people. Oh my goodness! I encounter rude people countless amounts of times, one just recently actually. This person wasn't even being rude to me and it still bugged me a huge amount. Here's how the scenario went. Someone I know needed help with something as they had injured themselves. I wouldn't say it was a major injury but they were limping. The injured specimen needed a plaster and someone else offered to help since they were limping. Fair enough. Yes? 
The injured specimen goes onto moan about how long its taking for this plaster to present itself. Strike one of starting to annoy me. Okay, someone has offered to help you and you're complaining? What? The plaster is finally presented to them and the helper applies it for them. Strike two is on the horizon people. Injured specimen again moans that it's not in the right place talking the helper as if they're stupid. Again I ask, what? You're complaining?
So everything has been done, plaster applied, in the correct place and thats right, not even a thank you. Strike 3! Rude much!? 
So this person has chosen to help you, chosen to take just a little bit of their time to focus on you, chosen to be sympathetic with your injury and just moan and be rude. I tell you now folks, injured specimen isn't in G's good books. 
Sometimes I just find it absolutely mind boggling that some people choose to behave in such a manor. I am physically lost for words for how much it can piss me off. If I see anyone being rude to someone, not even people I know or are friends with, it seriously doesn't agree with me in the slightest. 
I'm sure you've all encountered this kind of behaviour on your travels through life. Does it annoy you as much as it does me? Feel free to have a little vent/ rant in the comments. Share your displeasure, your anger, the constant struggle to not punch them in the face. 
Sorry for the rant, but sometimes things need to be said.
Thank you for reading.
G x 


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