Monday, 14 July 2014


All Day Every Day

Ever since I took it upon myself to blog everyday this month, i've actually been finding it a lot easier to think of things to write about more so than when I was doing it once it a week. Blogging everyday kind of turns your thinking around. I find myself looking at something like, i don't know, the pillows on my bed and then somehow turning this simple look at a pillow into a blog post. A room decor. one if you're interested. You start to see things in a different way. Not in a deep meaningful, I want to turn my life around kind of way but, I guess it's like a puzzle. You see something, hear something, read something that gets you thinking and you start to put the pieces together. And before you know it a blog post is beginning to form until eventually you have the full image. Puzzle completed. I'm doing this everyday now. 
I think that when I was blogging about once a week I was almost rushing the posts because I'd look when the last time i'd posted was and think I'd better do another one and find any old thing to talk about. It may seem like I still do to you, but I tell you now that a lot more thought goes into a lot less time now I'm doing this everyday. I love a challenge so if i'm maybe struggling one day to come up with something then I'll try and put myself into a situation that may inspire me. Sometimes just scrolling through tumblr is enough to inspire the hell out of me. 
So I guess what i'm trying to say is that blogging everyday is something I want to carry on not just for this month but for as long as I can. It's so exciting looking around and suddenly having the seed planted and the idea growing. I have no idea what tomorrows post will be about but the idea is probably round the corner. Baring in mind that around the corner from me the right now is my bathroom, so maybe not literally round the corner but you get where i'm coming from.
I had a blog before this one but I wasn't as dedicated. This blog is whole other story. I don't even remember what the other blog was called. 
Whoever of you is reading this (woah, that sounded like a message from the beyond haha) I hope this can inspire you in someway. Even if you don't blog look at things in a way that might change how you think. Make up stories to go with something you like the look of, I don't know, I guess I just really love having this to do every single day.
Thank you for reading.
G x


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