Sunday, 13 July 2014


Ery not Ary

I was talking to Sarah on twitter yesterday. She also has a blog here. We were having a little chat about stationery and how completely enticing it can be. I could spend way too much money on stationery and probably not use most of it. It just looks pretty okay. You understand right....? I thought I'd share a few stationery pieces I own, perhaps unecessarily.

I've got my little Ikea pots with bits and bobs of stationery in them but of course there are other things around my room that are so pretty. 

To some, this is simply a notebook. How wrong you are my friends. I spent about £15 on just this beauty but it was so worth. Look how pretty it is godammit. This is like my special occasion notebook. Only great things make it into here and I tell you now thats not much at the moment so I'm probably not getting my money's worth. But man alive it's so pretty. How many time am i going to say pretty in this post. Not only is it a notebook though, it has tips on entertaining, how to host a party, napkin folding schnozzle in there. I mean come on, is that a top notch notebook or what. I think it is!

Of course there's your favourite pen. Mine is this Emma Brigewater one that also came with a notebook but compared to that beauty up there it's really not worth putting it in this post. Eurgh this pen just writes so amazingly and it fits in my hand so well. You all have this pen that does the same for you don't you? The only thing is this one of mine has ran out and nothing within me will ever get rid of it. It'd be too painful. Nope can't do it. So yes, it's just lying around taking up unecessary space.

You've got to have a snazzy pencil case. Doing art like I do, means I require this in my life. Look! It has bananas on it. How awesome is that. And it was only £2.99 from H&M. Yes it was supposed to be a make up bag but you got to get creative and find another use for it cos I can't leave the shop and not buy it to be honest. 

Along with a great pen, there has to be a great pencil. I mean it's just common sense lets all be honest here. And yes, I've probably had this over a year, and yes i've never used it. Judge me all you want it's an awesome pencil okay....

And finally we have these little treats of splendour. Little llama page markers. How freakin cute are these puppies. Wait what's that, you've never used these either. Er yes that's right once again. But they're cute and they were a gift from Japan. Japanese llama's. Wow!
So there you have it some stationery things that I most probably don't need/ will never use but what are you going to do hey. They're pretty! There I go with that pretty bomb again haha. Thanks for reading. I have some ideas for this blog in the pipelines which i should be announcing next week some time. So look out for that.
Till next time.
G x


  1. I'm usually a bit freaked out by Llamas but I love these page markers. I'm a bit of a stationery junkie as well, I can't wait to go back to Uni in September so I can spend my loan in Paperchase!

    Pickles & Pinafores // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Omg do not tempt me with this Paperchase suggestion. I think they got rid of the done where i'm at uni. noooooo! I think i do have a staples though. Winner :D the llama's are quite adorable :)
      G x


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