Sunday, 13 July 2014


Name that Blog

This is my first post of today. I just thought I would let y'all know that I have changed the title of my blog to The Walkabout. My url has stayed the same (gemimasstyle). I thought that The Walkabout reflected the kind of posts I do better. I usually do more lifestyle kind of posts and I wanted to incorporate my last name Walker into it somewhere. I am still wanting to change my url to obviously match the title but i've been having a few problems with it all so I'll update you if I have any success with that. Just thought i'd explain the changes I have made. You never know where you blog is going to go. I thought I would be doing more beauty, fashion based posts but it turned out differently. But i'm glad it did because I really love doing this blog. So thank you for continuing to read my posts.
My normal post will be up later today. Preparing as you read.
See you later.
G x


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