Sunday, 29 June 2014

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Fresh Sunday

For me, Sunday is my no make up day. So with a fresh face I thought I'd make me a healthy smoothie to start off my day. I've tried making fruit smoothies before but they've never been sweet enough and adding sugar just defeats the object of the healthiness. But this one doesn't need sweetening and actually tastes delicious. 

How do you make this smoothie I hear you ask? Well, it's your lucky day as if you keep reading you just might find out. 
You're going to need;
1 sliced banana,
6oz of vanilla yoghurt,
1tbsp of honey,
half tsp freshly grated ginger.

I made a couple of changes such as adding vanilla extract to greek yoghurt and cutting up the ginger rather than grating it. And I must admit I guessed with some of the quantities but what the heck, it all gets blended at the end of the day. 
So I chucked all the ingredients into a blender and zapped it till it was smooth. 

AAAAhhh bare faced!
The end result is delicious. It's quite bananary (yes thats a real word now) with a hint of ginger and yoghurt at the end. Next time I'll leave it to chill before hand. However, this is a great, refreshing way to start your day and fills you up till lunch.
Woah look at me photographing, making and posting all on the same day. Someone hand me a medal haha.
Have you guys got any go to smooties you want to share?
Till next time.
Gemima x


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