Saturday, 3 May 2014

Current Favourites

So there are a few things I wanted to share that I've been really liking at the moment. It's quite a miss mash of things but I think all are going to be recognisable. Maybe you've been liking the same things too. Lets find out!

I think this is a very popular concealer by Collection. I use the lightest shade they have called Fair. I have used this before but was using the shade one darker from this and it just wasn't pale enough to brighten up my under eyes. But this baby! Well it works a treat for me and even if this is the only make up I wear that day, it brightens my whole face. Hashtag love it!

The brush I've been using to blend in the concealer is this Real Techniques one. It comes in a set with some other small application brushes but this one has stood out most for me. It's called the deluxe crease brush which I obviously haven't used it for. By far the best brush I've found to apply my concealer, Even better than my Mac ones.

So I was on my way to my brothers and I needed some change for the bus. So this is what I purchased. I'd seen this on instagram lots and was excited to have a looksy. It was to my delight that I came across it the other day. I have recently started buying Vogue because they give me inspiration for my illustration work. The images inside are always gorgeous and very elegant which I adore. But take my advice, if you want a copy of this I'd go hunting because this was the last on the shelf and is an American edition.

Saving the best till last. On wednesday night I went to see Clean Bandit for the first time. I've been listening to them for a year or so now, so was very excited to be hearing their amazing and original sound live. I don't know how to explain it but hearing the violin and cello along with the beat and bass line just makes my hairs stand on end. I think  it sounds beautiful! But yes, the gig was brilliant and I waited around after and got to meet them. They were quite shy and really lovely which I thought was adorable. They came out into the rain to take a picture with us which was so so lovely of them. Highly recommend going to see them as they are currently touring. I'm listening to them as I write this post. No words for how much I admire their work. Their album is out a month today so I will be pre-ordering the physical and they have a vinyl version too! Look at me trying to sell them to you again. Those babies will sell themselves. 
I did have more things to share but I knew I'd end up writing a bit more about Clean Bandit. Are any of you a fan? If so feel free to comment.
Till next time guys.
Gemima x


  1. Clean Bandit are so amazing! I saw them at Boardmasters last year when they had a pretty small crowd but my group of friends knew all the words so it was almost like a private show, they were so good!!

    1. Yea it was a fairly small crowd at the gig I went to. And the same with my friends too :D I swear i had eye contact with Neil the violinist haha! But yes they are incredible!


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