Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Chit Chat

So I don't have any photo's for you all today as I've been an extremely busy bod since the term started at uni but I still wanted to write something for you. 
I'm feeling a bit stressed with all the work I have to do for a few different projects I've got on the go at the moment. But the thing is I like this kind of stress. I think it pushes me to work harder and up my anti which I've always done anyway but this gives me that extra push. Do any of you feel like this with stress?
Tomorrow is the start of a jam packed rest of the week.
Early start to carry on with my projects,
Hop on a train to go to my brothers (whilst working on the train),
Order food and get ready for the evening,
Clean Bandit gig,
 and straight back on that train again the next morning.
I do love being busy though!
I will try and take some photos tomorrow during the gig if any of you are interested. 
Not my usual kind of post but I did want to write something for you guys as I've been absent for a couple.
I do hope you liked this post still. Let me know in the  comments if you find this kind of post interesting every now and then.
But for now,
Till next time
Gemima x


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