Saturday, 26 April 2014

Russian Red

I'm finally trying out my first Mac lipstick Russian Red today. A classic of Mac's I think you'll agree. 

The before look. I went with a simple winged eyeliner look with no eyeshadow as I wanted the lipstick to be the centre of attention with this look. 

My trusty Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub did the job of getting rid of any dried bits of skin and making them soft and lipstick ready. Would highly recommend this for anyones make up bag!

I wanted staying power so my Barry M Lip Liner was a must for this look. I realise it's the wrong colour for the lipstick but because the red I'm using is such a strong statement it covers up the pink easily. 

And now the lipstick itself. I think this is such a gorgeous shade of red. I'd go for a blue under toned red any day as opposed to and orange under toned one. I really think this would work great with any skin tone. 

The finished look! I think you'll agree that the red really does pop and stands out as the key part to this look. It went on so smoothly and it doesn't feel like i'm wearing anything on my lips which is great because I hate the feeling of caked on lipstick or gloss. I feel like its going to sticking around for the whole day. Always a bonus!
A staple in my lipstick collection now. If I need that extra bit of pop to a simple outfit or eye look this is the go to lipstick for me. Hair down, hair up? It'll work!
(I sound like I'm trying to sell it to you)
Unfortunately now I have to start packing all of my things as I'm back off to uni tomorrow. Man I hate packing so much. I thought I might as well look good if I'm going to be packing so Russian Red it was.
Hope you enjoyed this post. I certainly enjoyed making it.
Till next time.
Gemima x


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