Friday, 25 April 2014

A Make Up Look

So this morning I decided to try out something new with my eyeshadow look as I have recently received some new Mac eyeshadows. I'm really happy with the look I created and I think it could definitely be interchangeable from day to night.

Get your model on!

This is the finished look. Unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the darker tones in it as well as i'd like it to but I'll have my Nikon back on monday. 

This is my recent Mac eyeshadow purchase. I used the darker of the 2 colours called cranberry. (If you'd like to know more about my Mac purchases yo can find my post here). The copper tones running through it are gorgeous. I went all over my lids with this just to give a light coverage. I didn't want to much colour as this was to be a day look. 

My Accessorize palette, Exposed, is always a key part in my everyday make up look and of of course had to be featured in this look. With 32 shades to play around with it's such a versatile palette. I couldn't find it on the Accessorize or Superdrug website so I don't think it is sold anymore which is a shame because I would definitely recommend it.

These 2 shade are great for building up the crease colour and getting it as dark as you want. I started with the more pink shade and then built it up with the more purple shade (sorry guys the are no names given for the shades). 

I will always go back in with one of these bright colours in the inside corners of my lids to brighten up my eye. I think it brings it all together. And they are great for highlighting the brow bone too.

The 3 brushes I used to create this look are again a daily use for me. The top brush has no brand. It was simply a brush my mum gave to me in a make up brush set that she had but it works wonders for getting into the crease. In the middle we have Sigma's E30 Pencil brush. This is also great for the crease but I used it to apply the bright colour in the inside corners of the lid. An finally is a brush any girl should have in their make up kit. The 224 from Mac. When I bought it I was advised to use it a apply and blend concealer which it does do wonderfully but I now use it for all over lid coverage and blending the eyeshadow. A great, multi-functional brush!

And the final product I thought was worth a mention is Topshops lipstick in Saint. It looks more nude here but upon application its more pink and I really think It brightens up my whole face and makes my eyes pop just that little but more.  I will say however, that it doesn't stay on very long at all so I'm desperately trying to find a dupe for it. So if any of you know of one please feel free to comment.
So this turned out to be quite a long post in the end. I hope you don't mind and found it useful.
Till next time.
Gemima x


  1. Very natural and pretty! Reminds me of a makeup Blair Waldorf would wear lol (I've been watching reruns of gossip girl!)

  2. Thank you :) Its looks a bit darker in the flesh but the camera didn't pick it up. Haha I used to watch gossip girl all the time :)


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