Thursday, 30 October 2014


Who Knew?

After venturing into town yesterday and making the usual spur of the moment buys, one of them stood out the most to me. I couldn't help but share with you as it left me shocked and pleasantly surprised.

It just so happens to be a powder brush. And yes, it is from Wilko's. I have not seen this line of brushes in store before but I don't think they are new.
I was so surprised as to how soft it was and the size of it too. At just £4 it is a complete steal. I would go as far as saying it gives the Real Techniques powder brush a run for its money. 

The Wilko's brush is much larger and more compact so is great for use with loose or pressed powders. The slight point of the brush allows you to get under the eyes and get the full use out of the brush. I think it will be promoted to my everyday powder brush. I'm definitely going to check out the rest of this line of brushes (not that I need any more). What do you guys think? Have you bought from this line too?
Halloween is tomorrow but mine starts tonight so I hope you all have a good one.

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  1. Some of the best brushes I have are just from Ebay and are a cheap unknown make. I think sometimes we get too concerned with names. They look identical!

    BTW - I've nominated you as one of my top 11 to recieve the Liebster Award! For more information and to take part see my post


  2. Yea the whole brand of things is definitely something I'm guilty of. Sometimes we just splurge for the sake of it!
    Thanks very mutely for the nomination too. It does mean a lot to me :D


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