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Product Review | Wonder'Full

When I was on holiday last week, I was fast running out of my everyday mascara, so I headed straight over to Boots to browse and pick up another one. I came across the new Rimmel Wonder'Full mascara with Argon Oil. It claims to leave lashes feeling smooth and conditioned, so lets put it to the test. 

Firstly the packaging appeals to me greatly. Bronze, gold is a winner for me. Also is it me or is it really satisfying when the lid clicks into place to line up with the front? Just me? That's fine. The wand has a slight bend to it but nothing too dramatic so application is still easily done. And it's a plastic wand (is that the right word?) rather than a not plastic one. I can't think of the name for them but you know what I mean? Personally I prefer plastic wands so again a winner for me.

 Lets compare for a fair review shall we. Got to do this good and proper for you guys. Compared to no mascara there is an obvious difference. Its added some volume and length which to be honest any mascara should be doing so we are doing well so far. I have to say that it doesn't feel like i'm wearing any mascara which is great as sometimes it can be heavy and leaves clumps and irritates the eyes after a while. Let us compare to another mascara.

Another Rimmel one but this time it's Kate Moss' one. This one has the not plastic wand (what are they bloody called? Someone help me haha). Packaging is still great for me but lets compare the actual product.

The Wonder'Full gives a little more volume especially on the bottom lashes so it's opens up the eyes a bit more. The Kate Moss does flake slightly so isn't going to last on the lashes. I just took my finer along the lashes of Kate Moss (not the actual Kate Moss) and it feels like its coming off already. 
Kate Moss' mascara at £7.49 from Boots and Wonder'Full at £5 I think we know who wins here. I really do think this product is worth the money for something to wear everyday. I would probably build it up or add another mascara on top for an evening look as I'd want something more dramatic but if i'm going to be wearing this everyday then I think I'll be getting my moneys worth. All in all I'd say a good product but there's probably better such as,for me, the Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Length and Volume (mouthful and a half that). However it is going to be promoted to my everyday mascara so not all is lost.
Hope this has helped anyone um-ing and rr-ing over this product in some way.
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