Sunday, 17 August 2014

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My New Lip Products

In a recent Beauty Haul I did here, I showed a few lips products I had bought in the recent past. I was messing around with their looks the other night and thought I'd share my results. I have to say that some of them are just divine. We'll start the subtlest of them all.

Here we have Rimmels Birthday Suit. I'm a little confused as on the website it's called Pink Birthday Suit but they are still the same colour. I bought this on a whim, didn't even swatch in store, just bought. Ooo risky move Gemma. I like to live life on the edge me haha. But this is such a lovely, slight bronze nude. I've been right into nudes at the moment so thumbs up? Check. The colour tones down my own lip colour nicely so I'd say a great 'on a whim' purchase.

I love this colour. It's Topshops Hazard. The colour comes out slightly more sheer than what I expected as it looks quite dark in the tube however, it's still a great statement red lip. It definitely compares massively to Macs Russian Red. I can hardly tell the difference so a great dupe for a fraction of the price.

On the left we have Topshop and the right is Mac. Mac may be a little more pigmented but still a great dupe I'd say.

For me, this was the most disappointing. This is Topshops Depth. In the tube it's verging on being black yet upon application it doesn't follow through. It again, like Hazard, comes out much more sheer and more of a plum colour. It's still a lovely colour but I feel it won't last long on the lips due to the sheerness. I'd definitely recommend a lip liner under this one.

This last one is definitely my favourite. I've never had a colour like it. It is Topshops Lip Bullet in Bewitched. On the website it looks much more red but man is it not. This is such a strong, gorgeous purple colour and so pigmented. I may have to invest in some more of the Lip Bullets. I'm so impressed with this colour pay off. Such a statement colour and perfect for the autumn/ winter months. With a simple eye look this lip colour will do all the talking. Ahhhh I love this so much. In the tube it looks a little lighter that Depth but it comes out darker on the lips. I can't praise this enough. I absolutely love it. Excuse me whilst I head over to Topshop to buy some more. 
So they were my newest lip products with a little review. I'm not normally a massive lippy person but the tables are turning my friends.
As usual links are in red to take you to buy them if you so desire.
Thanks for reading.

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