Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Haul | Ikea, Boots

Yesterday I took my first ever trip to Ikea. That's right, my first! I absolutely love home ware stores so Ikea is a huge novelty to me. And oh my goodness the amount of things in there is overwhelming but incredible. They even have maps for you. MAPS! I mean was anyone else as amazed as me or am I just a complete home ware lover. So anyways I got a few pieces to spice up (thats sounds erotic but it's not intended in that way) my room.

These are all the pieces I got. Not much but I love them all. I am very big on cushions for my bed. I currently have 6 and I am in no way done with this collection. I loved the pattern on this cushion. The material is quite thick and have a lovely texture to it. With Ikea you have to buy the inside bit of the cushion (is there a technical term for this) separately. I bought 2 to go into this one cover and it's lovely and plump. A great, stylish addition to my collection. 

Now I've seen a few people on youtube with this particular pot and I was very happy to spot it. It is in fact a plant pot. There was a few colours and couple sizes but I went with the smaller one. And instead of plants, it holds my make up brushes. I'd been looking to upgrade my make up brush holder for a while so am delighted with this buy. I may DIY it and spray it with gold to get an ombre effect. (I can't find this on the website to link you guys. Sorry)

Later the same day I decided to take a short trip into town to get some things make up wise. However, all of the things I went for , none of the stores had them. Gutted. But being your typical spender rather than saver, I got a few treats anyway. Hehe! 
The first is a Rimmel concealer. I wanted a lighter shade so I could contours better. I still think this is slightly to dark for me but this was the lightest shade they had. I literally cannot find a shade light enough for me. Apparently I'm a whole new shade of pale. But it still f=does the job for me. I think I still prefer my Collection concealer though even more so than my Mac one. 
Next is something I bought simply because I liked the look of it. It is Max Factors False Lash Effect Fusion mascara. I think the wand was a good shape and size and after one use, I cans safely say that there are no clumps. It's not my favourite mascara but it will be staying in my make up bag for some time.
And lastly is a nail polish. Boots os currently doing 3 for 2 on make up so I thought why not with this nail polish. It is from Kate Moss's collection for Rimmel and is the colour New Romantic.  I love the girliness of this colour. I will say though that you will need a few coats to make it a stronger colour. (I have 3 coats on). 

I have the concealer and mascara on here along with my usual, daily make up.
I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found it useful.
Till next time.
Gemima x


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